Shroud of Turin

Do you believe The Shroud of Turin is Real? Why was The Shroud of Turin Left Behind? I will prove to you that GOD has left this piece of mystery behind for us. I truly have a passion for our Beloved Jesus Christ. We all have a purpose, we just got to see what it is that He is trying to show us and tell us to do. The Shroud of Turin has been left behind for those who seek or need more faith. I will unlock and show you the mysteries on the Shroud of Turin GOD has left behind.

The Flowers

Did you know there are flowers embedded on The Shroud? These flowers are only located in the areas surrounding Jerusalem (within 12 miles) and can only found in that area of the world. This can not be coincidental. There about 20 flowers that have been documented on The Shroud. Here are a few that have been listed:

Zygophyllum dumosum

Chrysanthemum coronarium

Cistus creticus

Flora Palaestina




The coins (Lepton)

It was custom to lay coins on the eyes of a body. Scientists have found 2 coins embedded on Shroud of Turin over the eyes of Jesus dating back to 29 AD and 36AD. These coins are like the common penny we use now a days. The impressions have an “f” shape and its history dates back to the Pontius Pilate era 29ad to 36 ad. These facts are not made up in fact they come from what scientists have found on The Shroud. There is a dvd called The Fabric of Time you should check it out. The Cloth of Jesus I believe this cloth was left behind especially for all the scientists who believe in the evolution theory and that we come from monkeys. Come on are you kidding me? Why can’t scientist explain the hospital cases when someone is critically dying with no chance to live but yet fully recover through the help of prayer. There are many recorded deaths where the person miraculously recovers. Most of those that came back have seen similar visions of Heaven or Hell. They all have the same visions, some are good and the other I really wouldnt want to speak of. Their purpose for having come back to life is so that they can speak of the life that is waiting for us beyond our physical death. In Heaven everybody is seen in beautiful white ropes, just like the Cloth of Christ. The Cloth represents pure light, goodness, innocence, and purity. After 3 days from releasing the righteous souls from hell, Jesus Christ came back . There were more than 500 documented visions where he was seen by crowds of over 500 of His Resurrection.

The Scars

There are hundreds of accurate scars that are embeded on The Shroud. “The markings on this body are so clear and so medically accurate that they are in opinion beyond disputeThe Shroud show detailed markings made my a torturing tool called the Flagrum. The Dumbbell marks match exactly accordinly to marks of The Shroud. It was written The Son of man would die for are sins. Blood stains are so precise, they reveal over 140 lashes. There is a whole lot to learn on The Shroud. This is only a clue, I should say GOD did leave this for those who needed more faith or to strengthen our faith in these times. Some other clues left behind are pyrmaids. In the BIBLE The Father Flooded the earth for the sin that was created in the world. Giants came down to this earth and created another hybrid race which was not of GOD. Egypt Pyramids, Aztecs Pyramids, Atlantis and many, many other discoveries I will reveal in this site. The Shroud of Turin is real, just Trust in The Good Lord Jesus Christ. He has a plan for all of us, just have faith in Him.

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