Roman Crucifixion : Facts About The Shroud of Turin

This history of Shroud of Turin is linked to the first century 80’s in accordance with the evidence given in the gospels. But the most important and supported facts which show that the Turin exists from Jesus Period is the Archeological findings in Jerusalem. And for the purpose of getting more information, I decided to blog about the museum in Israel where there were certain facts regarding the researches made in 1968.

Roman crucifixion is honored by the archeologists as it exists from the time of Jesus. The finding about the heal wound which can be challenging for the perception of Roman Crucifixion and the authorities at the museum showed evidence. They provided evidence which showed that Jesus was crucified in Roman way of Crucifixion. The first thing to be noticed was that the nail did not enter in the front of the feet rather it was entered on the sides of the heels. The grove is also the evidence of nailing in the wrist. Crucifixion ended with the end of Roman Empire. The artists who made the pictures of the Shroud of Turin also showed that the nail was going through the front of the palm but the message of crucifixion is the clear representation that the crucifixion was a Roman way.

Experts Neal Svensson who is an expert on the shroud and Peter Dean who is Forensic medical examiner confirms the crucifixion is in conformance with the Roman Method of Crucifixion. Svensson was of view that the descriptions of Gospel show the evidences as well as the scourging has the similar size and shape which is showed in the Roman practice since the 1st century.

The wound in the side is also similar to that of the Roman history. Dr. Neal said that the crucifixion is done with the arms stretched on a cross with nailing in the wrists and the feet. If we look at the shroud, we see that there are big wounds on the wrists with marks of blood flowing in two directions. The picture shows all the details of the wounds of Shroud of Turin.
The palms have soft and delicate tissues which cannot bear hard waves. The wounds on the feet are also evidence showing that it was a Roman crucifixion. Neal Svensson says that is very interesting that we can see all the details in the shroud about the wounds and the flow of blood from different body parts.

It also shows that in Roman crucifixion is done by layering the victim through the heals. Jesus was also nailed through the heels and there are marks on the Shroud of Turin showing the blood. Anyone can see clearly that how the image was made. There are many evidences from the 1st century, 6th century and 12th century showing that the Shroud of Turin belongs to the time of Jesus.

The Romans

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