Jesus Christ to Save The Church Due to WWIII and Its Here!

WWIII has begun already, watch the news and world today, its all in chaos. Look at Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Ukraine, Mexico (Drug Cartel), and the list goes on. Jesus warned of earthquakes, earth pains, signs in the Heavens, wars, and rumors of war. ISIS killing many innocent people today, including Muslims and Christians, in the name of God.

God is love, He doesn’t require anybody to kill in His name. His blood, His death, and His sacrifice has already been given and paid for. The Lamb sacrifice has been completed and His name is Jesus, who died on The Cross for you and me. It is not to late to come to the real God who lives in The Heavens and has the keys unlock it. The first time Christ came, he explained that our lives where short. Our spirits our eternal, the flesh is only a glimpse of time and space.jesus mountain

Where would you like to spend the rest of time? With God in The Heavens or Hell which was created for Satan and The Fallen Angels. On the cross, one of the criminals asked Christ to forgive Him. Just in that one moment, all his sins were forgiven, for the small amount of faith he had. Wow! He offered the criminal a place of paradise. The word paradise is a term one cannot apprehend. It’s paradise!

Jesus wants you and me there, to be by his side forever. His time on earth was to advise all gentiles of The Kingdom of God which is coming.


In the end GOD wins, God always wins. The Devil knows time is short, so He is doing his best to destroy and consume many souls before time is up. Prophecy is being fulfilled today at a very fast pace and we get much closer to The Return of Christ. He will come from the Heavens cast away all that is wrong and evil. Everything and everyone will be accounted for the works on earth. The Son of The Living God, Jesus said the only way to The Father was through The Son (Him), Jesus Christ. You will have dreams and many will prophesy at the end of days. Brothers and sister we are in those days. Prepare, Pray, and Trust Jesus today, the words WWIII is not hidden any more.

A 15 year old Jewish boy died and was taken to Heaven. Here’s his story.

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