I Believe The Shroud Of Turin Is Jesus Christ

Is the Shroud of Turin the sacred linen cloth that covered the body of Jesus Christ? Skeptics who look but do not know how to see, are quite ready and willing to say that the Shroud of Turin is a medieval fake. And they have hundreds of ideas to support this belief. If you go back to the medieval times, yes, that was the time when people were taken in by false relics and false places of pilgrimage.

These ideas were encouraged by priests, who wanted the populace to follow the dictates of the church. Unfortunately, this was also the time when shrewd and corrupt politicians used the church and its power over the hearts of the people to serve their own selfish ends.

So, one should not be surprised to find someone, somewhere, saying that The Shroud of Turin is a medieval creation, created by an artist to win name, fame and fortune for himself. That is so not true. So why do I believe the Shroud of Turin is the image of Jesus Christ?

Forget about medieval times and fake relics. Let us go back to more than 2000 years ago when an innocent man was falsely accused of blasphemy and condemned to die on the Cross. The four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) say that his body was buried in a linen cloth. But why is there no reference to the image of Our Lord showing up in a linen shroud, anywhere in the Gospels? Remember that the facts of Jesus’ life and death were being documented here.

One did not want to talk about miraculous images showing up on a cloth. Christians do not believe that any ancient relic is going to be or can be the miraculous Path to the Savior. Only Faith, belief in the Bible, and belief in a man who died on the Cross so that mankind could be forgiven its sins, are the ways to the Lord and His Grace.

Now, why do I believe that The Shroud of Turin is that of Jesus Christ? This high quality linen Shroud has been documented in the Gospels. Look at it carefully. Here is an image of a man showing up on a cloth. This image can never be “created” by human hands. There are bloodstains on the shroud. The stains are consistent to the flogging done by a Roman flagrum.

The Gospels say that Jesus was flogged mercilessly by the Roman soldiers. Two Roman soldiers whipped this man, on the back and sides. Pathologists have tested this shroud and they have proof positive that it covered a man who was in a state of rigor mortis.

Now, the Bible says that the Romans pierced Jesus’ side to see if he was dead and water and blood poured out of the wound. The “water” is nothing but a mixture of blood and lymph, which normally gushes out of a freshly dead body. There are marks of this blood and lymph on the linen.

Jesus was “crowned” with thorns. Artists normally depict this to be a crown in the shape of a wreath around his forehead. The bloodstains on the image’s forehead are consistent with gathered thorns bunched together and placed upon his head, puncturing the forehead and the temples. Jesus was beaten horribly all through the night by Annas and Caiphas, who wanted him to confess that he was a blasphemer.

The image shows a face with facial swellings around the eye and on the cheekbone. The nasal cartilage has also been dislocated. This damage was caused by these repeated blows.
Jesus also fell down, while carrying the cross to Golgotha. A closer inspection of the image shows that the left kneecap has been bruised severely.

In 1968, archaeologists found the remains of a crucified Jew. His name was Johanan ben Ha-galgol. A Spike/nail had been driven through his wrist and through his ankles. This is historical proof that the Romans crucified people by driving nails through the wrists and through the ankles. The blood marks on the Shroud of Turin are consistent with such a practice.

Now, for all those people out there who say that this shroud is the work of an artist in the fourth of fifth century or is a medieval creation – how would they have the knowledge to document every single aspect of a Roman crucifixion, including the trauma marks caused by flagellation, and repeated beatings, on a cloth? Where would they get a body which had been treated in such a manner?

Historical fact says that all these cruel actions happened only once, and only to one man in history – Jesus Christ. Repeating all this on a piece of cloth artificially is well-nigh impossible for a human artist. So, I do believe that the Shroud of Turin is that sacred cloth which covered the crucified body of Jesus Christ. Open your eyes and you shall see; Believe and the Truth shall be known.

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