Even in the age of Wiki, Jesus is the biggest hit

Christ is most significant person in history according to analysis of site’s three million pages

• Figures are ranked according to opinions expressed on the internet
• Algorithm predicts how important people will remain 200 years after death
• Highest ranked Briton on the list is William Shakespeare
• Software developed by computer experts Steven Skiena and Charles Walker
What do Jesus, Napoleon and the prophet Muhammad all have in common?
They are the top three most significant historical figures, according to new analysis of online encyclopedia Wikipedia’s three million pages.
Computer scientists Steven Skiena and Charles B Ward have studied the Wiki pages of more than 800,000 people to come up with a list of the world’s most important figures.

Jesus most historical
Jesus is the most famous person in history according to a software programme that scours the internet to rank people’s importance
Using a ‘ranking algorithm’, the pair looked at the length of a person’s Wikipedia page, how many times it was read and the number of links from the pages of other major figures.

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