8 Reasons Why We Should Be Pro Life

Bible clearly says that we should be pro life as abortion is not allowed but there are certain people who do not agree with the fact that Bible has any teachings regarding Abortion. The reason for this is that the word Abortion is not there in Bible. Following are some reason mentioned in Bible to clear the reasons for why abortion is not allowed. The Bible teaches that human life is different from other types of life, because human beings are made in the very image of God so we should be pro life.

The first reason to be pro life is that according to Bible, man has been created as an image of God and there is no such creature on the land (Genesis 1:26-31; 2:4-25). The word “creates” emphasizes the importance and the fact that God has given power to man and women on Earth. St. James says that we should not abuse human beings as the tongue given to us is for the purpose of praying and God is so kind that he does not take his image back even if a person makes a serious sin (James 3:9-10). The human beings are not only a collection of cells rather they have their God inside them who knows them very well. Regarding abortion, man is not eternal so he has no right to take life of any person (Psalm 8:5-7). According to Romans 5:6-8, God loves the human beings so much that he gave his life for the human beings regardless of the fact that they denied him. So according to Bible, the human beings are sacred and they are not allowed to be killed.

The second reason to be pro life is that children are God’s Blessing for the human beings. This is the blessing of God that he made it possible for human beings to reproduce and they do so with the help of God (Genesis 1:28). The first mother on the Earth also said that she has given birth to a man with the help of God. The process of giving birth to baby is a blessing of God so no one has any right to interrupt this process.

The third reason to be pro life is that the child in the womb is also the image of God so the person even before birth is sacred. It is the God who knits the child in the womb and the child accepts the presence of God from the very first day in the womb (Psalm 22:10-11).

The forth reason to be pro life mentioned in the Bible is that it is sinful to kill any innocent. It is written so many times that “Thou Shalt not Kill” (Exodus 20:13, Deuteronomy 5:17). Those who will still kill them will not be allowed to enter in heaven. The prophets also reconfirmed this fact that killing of innocents is forbidden. It is also mentioned that the kingdom of Israel was destroyed because they killed their sons. One important point is that killing is not accepted even as a religious ritual.

The fifth reason to be pro life mentioned in Bible is that justice is to be practiced in every state of this land. Arrangements must be made to control those who are powerful and to rescue those who are weak. Jesus is justice for the Christians as he protected them from sins and helped them a lot. God always does justice to his creatures so he wants his creatures to be just to others. One needs to be just as the heavenly father is also just (Luke 6:36). Abortion has nothing to do with these teachings as it is opposite to justice. Abortion destroys one’s life rather than rescuing him.

The sixth reason to be pro life is that Jesus was the man who was attentive to those who were helpless and not considered by the society. He was of the view that all human beings are equal with no one being superior. He said that there are no concept of free and slave, Greek and Jew, male and female and born and unborn. So those who are not born and considered nothing by the society are to be paid special attention and care.

The seventh reason to be pro life is that Bible teaches the love and affection towards others. Love is in contradiction with killing someone. Making one’s life in danger is not at all allowed.

The last but not the least is that life is conquering in Earth. It is mentioned that the life will be victorious and those who will introduce death will be punished. The first person who taken the life of a man on Earth will always be cursed and life will always defeat death. Abortion is about ending life which is in contradiction with the teaching if life. There should be no unlawful death on the Earth.

against abortion

against abortion

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